Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Shape of Tubing – Cylindrical or Square?

When people think of tubing, they think of a cylinder, and for good reason. “Cylinder shape” is actually used in the definition of a tube. That said, square tubing is something that exists on the market.  What exactly is the difference between cylindrical …
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Metal Tubing vs. Plastic Tubing

Tubing and pipes are a major part of our modern infrastructure. Actually, they’ve been around for quite some time, dating as far back as ancient Rome. Back then, pipes were used almost exclusively for water and plumbing. Today, cylindrical tubes …
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Why America Uses the Metric System and What Welders Do About It

Standards and rules are very important to the manufacturing world. They allow for consistency across industries. They promote safety and performance. They reduce cost and confusion.  If it wasn’t for universally accepted standards, the fabrication world would be a mess, and …
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