Monthly Archives: October 2018

What is Filler Metal, and How is it Used in Welding?

As we discussed in a recent post, welding is the process of joining metal together through introduction of high-heat, followed by a cooling process. Though there are different methods of welding, the end goal is the same: to join the …
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The Science of Manipulating Metal Part 2 – How a Tube is Bent without Breaking

In a recent post, we talked about the science of metal welding. Today, we’d like to talk about the other side of our fabrication services: tube bending.  Before we get into how metal tubes are bent, we’d like to discuss why …
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Join Ever-Roll as a VIP at Design-2-Part in Akron, Ohio

The time has come for Ohio’s Design-2-Part show! Design-2-Part is the longest running contract manufacturing trade show in the US. At Design-2-Part, OEMs and other manufacturers have a chance to connect, learn about new technologies, show their products, form new …
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