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Our History

Bent On Perfection

6For over 70 years, manufacturers have relied on Ever-Roll for tube, rod, and wire parts and fabrications for their areas of manufacturing specialty.

Through the Years

The 1940’s: Ever-Roll incorporated in December, 1945.

The 1950’s: Ever-Roll manufactured lawn furniture, agricultural equipment, and other parts for a growing America.

The 1960’s: Produced Stainless and Inconel burner rings for Aerovent, Twin City Fan, Heat Wagon 20 and other crop dryers and heaters in addition to its other work. This work continues today.

20The 1970’s: Ever-Roll developed and produced a tubular steel framed racing sulky for trotters and pacers that was “High Tech” when compared to the wooden sulkies then being used.

The 1980’s: Honda moved to Marysville and Navistar-International Harvester was roaring in Springfield. Ever-Roll got involved with many tubular and wire parts used in automotive and heavy trucks.

The 1990’s: While maintaining the previous work that was the foundation of Ever-Roll, significantly more automotive and truck volume was introduced. Headrest Pillars, Rings, Tube, and Wire Form volume grew. Ever-Roll became an Employee-Owned company (ESOP).

The 2000’s: Automation and robotics become part of Ever-Roll manufacturing. Ever-Roll branded the 27Scallop King line of rings and links used by commercial scallop fishermen and reinforcement rings for bonded abrasive wheels. ISO 9001:2015 Registered.

The 2010’s: Ever-Roll continues to automate, update, and work to continually improve and evolve its people, processes, and systems. Ever-Roll has been continuously ISO 9001 Registered since June of 2000. New applications for Upset Welded Rings continue to grow the segment. Ever-Roll’s quality approach to Upset Welding makes it a dependable source for critical engineered products. Formed and fabricated tubes are appreciated by our customers for their high quality and good looks. Ever-Roll promises service and excellence at a value to a select group of customers through an Employee Owned American Company.


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