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A Brief History of Ever-Roll



In any craft or trade, experience goes a long way. One may learn the basics quickly, but it takes time, repetition, and variation to achieve mastery. There are no shortcuts. Trust us.

Ever Roll has been in the fabrication industry for over 70 years, perfecting our craft and learning how to make the strongest welds. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work as we’ve expanded our offerings and tackled new projects.

Today, companies from all over the world trust our welds, rings, and tubes in countless products.

How did we get to where we are today? We’re glad you asked!

The Ever-Roll Story

In 1945, as the horrors of WW2 were coming to an end and the US’s troops were coming home, the economy began to rise with a wave of new businesses starting up. One of those businesses was Ever-Roll. Located in Springfield, Ohio, Ever-Roll got its start fabricating metal tubing for agricultural equipment and lawn furniture.

Throughout the 50’s, America was growing rapidly, and Ever-Roll moved with it. By the 1960s, we were producing stainless steel and Inconel burner rings for companies such as Aerovent and Twin City Fan. Our products often were (and still are) found in crop dryers and heaters, withstanding high temperatures and extreme conditions with ease.

In the 70’s, we produced a tubular steel framed racing sulky to replace the wooden sulkies that were being used at the time. Ten years after that, we were working with Honda and Navistar- International Harvester, creating tubular and wire parts for cars, trucks, and semis.

Then a Japanese Company called Honda came to Marysvill, Ohio, USA. This would serve as a stepping stone into the automotive industry for us. By the 1990’s, we were manufacturing high volumes of automotive and truck equipment, including headrest pillars, tubing, wire rings, and more.

It was also in the 90’s that Ever-Roll made the transition to being an employee owned company. Today, all employees are stock holders. This has helped us to focus on continuous improvement for both our customers and ourselves ever since.

By the 2000’s, we had introduced automation and robotics into our manufacturing, allowing us to reach new heights in precision and speed. We also became ISO 9001 certified, and we are currently ISO 9001-2015 certified at the time of this post.

Since then, we’ve remained dedicated to evolving and strengthening our company. We stay current with the industry, following the latest methods and utilizing top technology to create the best products possible.

Though we’ve changed a lot, our goals have always remained the same, striving to provide exceptional value and high-quality products to our customers while taking care of our employees’ needs. Whether you’re in need of wire welding, mandrel bending, or one of the other services we provide, we’re here for you.

Contact us today and become part of the next chapter in the Ever-Roll story.

bent on perfection.

bent on perfection.

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