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Alternatives to Stainless Steel



Though stainless steel is a beautiful, highly durable type of steel with two special ingredients: chromium and nickel. Chromium gives it a shiny appearance that’s resistant to rust, making it perfectly suited for a wide-range of applications.

That said, it’s not always necessary.

Even in cases were resistance to water is needed, there are other options to consider. We’re not trying to downplay the quality of stainless steel. In terms of water resistance and polished appearance, it’s hard to beat.

Still, when making any business decision, it’s good to know what choices are available to you. So, here are a few alternatives to stainless steel…

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a popular alternative to liquid paint that offers superior protection, resistance to moisture/chemicals, and a beautiful, streak-free finish. You can learn more about the specifics of powder coating here.

When deciding between powder coating or stainless steel, a lot of it comes down to aesthetics. Powder coating allows you to add a wide variety of texture and colors, so if you don’t want that metal finish, it’s certainly a good way to go.

Carbon Steel

Mix Iron and carbon together any you have steel. Add some more carbon, and you get carbon steel, which is more resistant to water than standard steel. C1010 contains iron and 0.1% carbon; 10170 steel contains iron and 0.7% carbon. Just a little carbon makes a big change to how the iron molecules flow. Cast iron is very brittle while steel is more malleable with a range of other useful properties.

In situations where direct water contact is happening, carbon steel probably isn’t the right choice

As far as aesthetics go, carbon steel doesn’t have the polished appearance of stainless steel, but instead carries a darker, flatter look.

Carbon steel’s biggest advantage is its affordability. It offers the strength, density, and durability steel is known for a considerably lower price than stainless steel.


Aluminum (or aluminium if you’re not from the States) is a highly popular metal that’s great when used for the right applications.

Aluminum doesn’t rust, but it can corrode. Rust is a term used specifically for the oxidization and corrosion of iron. When it happens in other metals and materials, we call it corrosion.

It mostly impacts appearance rather than structural integrity. It’s also worth mentioning that stainless steel can technically corrode, though it tends to be more resistant and easier to clean.

Aluminum usually costs more than steel.  And though it’s lighter, it’s also less dense, meaning you often need to use more of it in a situation than you would with steel.

Aluminums biggest advantage over steel is its malleability and elasticity. It can achieve shapes that steel can’t, and in situations where a little give is needed, aluminum is the way to go.

Finding What’s Right for You

At Ever-Roll, we use the materials that are right for our clients’ needs. Most of the time, that’s steel, but not always. Our goal is to provide the best metal tubes, burner rings, and wire rings possible, all for an affordable price.

Whether you know what you need or you’re still weighing your options, Ever-Roll is here for you. We can guide you through the process to ensure you make the right choice for your business.

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