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Applications for Tube Bending



At Ever-Roll, we consider tube bending (as well as wire-welding) to be an art. Each tube we fabricate is another masterpiece created by our welders (aka: artists). Of course, done incorrectly, bending a tube compromises the strength and the radius of a tube.

That’s why we utilize the best equipment and modern techniques to ensure that an Ever-Roll tube can take the pressure put on it.

Anything less than the best is cast aside.

But where do our tubes go after once they’re completed? Unlike traditional art, our pieces aren’t hung on the wall. No, they’re put to use in a variety of situations.

General Applications for Tube Bending

There are many, many uses for metal tubes. Far too many to list exhaustively. But let’s start with some of the most common bended tubes around you.

You’ll find them in cars, motorcycles, and virtually every other vehicle, particularly in the exhaust and muffler systems, as well as throughout the engine. For cyclists, you’ll find some beautifully bent tubes there are well.

They’re in your homes and places of work as pipes and conduit tubing. They’re on the railings you use to walk up and down stairs. Go to an amusement park, and you’ll be surrounded by all sorts of metal pipes and tubes.

And while it’s not something we make, trombones, trumpets, and other instruments are examples of tube bending as well.

If you take a moment to look around you, there’s a fair chance you’ll spot some tube bending put into use.

Ever-Roll is Bent on Perfection

There are a few ways to bend a tube depending on use and budget. Whether you need high-quality mandrel bending or quick and affordable crush bending, the Ever-Roll team is here for you. Contact us today to get a quote, discuss your options, or to simply learn a little bit more about what we can do for you in terms of tube fabrication and welding.

bent on perfection.

bent on perfection.

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