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Applications for Upset Welding



Upset welding is a popular technique that allows two ends of a metal ring or cylinder to be connected with no overlap. The end result is a near-seamless metal loop. This is done by running an electrical current through both ends. The metal heats up to the point where it reaches a near plastic-like state.

The two ends are pressed together, forming a knot or upset. This joint is then ground down for a smooth, seamless finish.

Because of its strength and appearance, upset welding has many application possibilities.

The Applications for Upset Welding

Upset welding can be used in the manufacturing of circular objects that have ends of the same size. This includes wire rings, tubular rings, burner rings, wheel rims, and more.

Our welding rings are typically used in air springs, burners, heaters, driers, air suspension systems, and steering wheels, though there are many more areas where wire rings are used.

How is Upset Welding Different from Butt Welding?

Upset Welding isn’t any different from butt welding. They are simply two terms that refer to the same technique of welding. The name butt welding comes from the fact that the butts of the metal ring are being brought together. It’s also sometimes called resistance butt-welding.

Either way, the end result is the same. A quality, seamless ring. At least, that’s what you get with a skilled manufacturer.

Creating the Best Welds

A poorly done upset weld can turn out uneven or worse, weak at the point of connection.

At Ever-Roll, we’ve spent the past 70 years learning how to create superior welds and tube bends. Whether you’re in need of upset welding, burner ring fabrication, or tube bending production, our team of experts can handle the job.

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