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Ever-Roll Awarded for Its Safety



At Ever-Roll, we’re “Bent on Perfection”, as our motto goes. That doesn’t just apply to the products we produce but how we run our company.

A big part of fabrication is safety. One careless error can result in serious injury. That’s why we hold ourselves to the high industry safety standards.

And people are taking notice.

Recently, we received multiple awards for superior safety from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Springfield Clark County Safety Council.

Which Safety Awards We Received and Why

Below is a breakdown of the different awards we received and what they mean.

100% Award

To each employer that works the entire calendar year without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work.

Special Award

To each employer that accumulates at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work.

Group Award

To the employer with the lowest incident rate in each group.

Achievement Award

To each employer that decreases its incident rate by at least 25% from the previous year.

Multi Award

Members who have earned more than one award on a single certificate.

A Safer Work Environment, The Best Welders, a Superior Product

While it’s nice to be recognized, we do not emphasize safety so we can win awards. We do it to protect our associates, welders, and staff and to offer a reasonably agreeable workplace. We employ some of the best fabricators around, and the last thing we want is for anything to happen to them.

By keeping our associates safe and secure, they’re able to work at their very best, resulting in a superior weld. The proof is in our product. If you’re in need of welded rings, burners rings, tube bending, and general rod and wire fabrication, Ever-Roll is here for you.

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