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How Metal is Formed and Fabricated



In our last post, we talked about a fictional metal called vibranium. In comic books (and the recent Black Panther movie), vibranium is special because, in addition to being quite strong and lightweight, it can absorb soundwaves, kinetic energy, and more. 

Simply put, it’s nearly indestructible.  

This brought up the question of how something can be made with vibranium, since it’s so powerful. In truth, it would be handled like any metal.  

Which brings us to the question we’d like to answer today… 

How Exactly is Metal Fabricated? 

Metal fabrication is the process of turning metal into parts, structures, etc. Since metal is known for being rather strong and unmovable, the idea of shaping it into something may seem like a futile task. The truth is, metal is considered a malleable material, which means it can be hammered, pressed, and shaped. 

It takes a little work to do so, but with a little heat or force (or sometimes, both), metal bends and molds into just about anything you can imagine. 

How We Fabricate Metal at Ever-Roll 

At Ever-Roll, we use both heat and high pressure to create a variety of metal products. For our tube bending, we utilize cold-bending. That means it’s all about precise pressure, whether we’re performing mandrel bending or empty bending. No heat needed. 

For our wire rings, heat is utilized to create seamless metal loops. Specifically, we send electrical currents through both ends of the ring. This causes the particles inside the metal to start moving around and loosen up. 

The metal gets hot and turns plastic-like, allowing us to connect the butts of the ring and form a perfect ring. 

For our tubular and burner rings, we combine both methods above to create a high-quality end product. 

Creating the Strongest Welds 

Though the concept of bending and forming metal is relatively simple, creating superior bends and welds is not. At Ever-Roll, we utilize the best practices and follow the highest standards to ensure our products exceed the expectations of our customers, all while charging a fair price. 

For metal fabrications that meet your demands and your budget, contact Ever-Roll today! 

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