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How Robotics Help Welding and Fabricating



These days, machines and robotics have found their way into just about everything we do. While this has been a very good thing overall, it has come with certain drawbacks.

On the economic front, as automation cuts costs and lowers prices for consumers, there are those who have seen their jobs replaced by machines and software. If you read our last post about robots and welding though, you know welders and fabricators still have a secure workplace for the foreseeable future.

Instead of replacing us, robotics and AI driven hardware allow us to work better, faster, and more efficiently, improving our accuracy and output. This is great for customers, as it gets them their products faster and at a more affordable price.

How exactly do robotics help welders and fabricators? Let’s take a closer look!

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding has been popular for a few decades now, though it’s application is fairly specific. It’s most common in the automotive industry where arc welding and resistance spot welding are utilized.

These robots operate on an assembly line, making fast, repetitious welds as objects are moved from one welding machine to the next.

Robotic welding can take quite a bit of time and money to initially setup, making it best suited for repetitive, high-volume jobs. Once in place, however, its superior speed and consistency are unbeatable.

How Ever-Roll Uses Robotics

At Ever-Roll, we utilize computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending machines. This allows us to pre-program complex bends so that tubes can be rapidly adjusted at high-volume rates. This improves delivery time while decreasing cost.

CNC bending isn’t the right choice for every tube-bending need, but it’s a great option to have available.

Our team can help you decide what’s the most effective method for your welding and bending needs. For both manual and robotic welding in Ohio, Ever-Roll is here to meet your needs.

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