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Production Part Approval Process – What You Need to Know



Fabrication requires not only quality and precision, but consistency. We’re making the same parts over and over to be used in the same manner across different devices, machines, and equipment across the world.

Each piece needs to virtually identical to the one before it to provide the performance our customers require.  How does a company like ourselves ensure that happens?

By follow rigorous standards and processes.

One standard process is the Production Part Approval Process or PPAP.

The Purpose of the Production Part Approval Process

PPAP is used in the automotive supply industry to maintain a standard of excellence across the supply chain, specifically making sure the a supplier is capable of meeting the quality demands of their customer.

Originally introduced to help American automotive companies gain back ground against the rising Japanese dominance, PPAP allows the manufacturer to show they understand the specifications of the project are understood and can be fulfilled.

This applies not only to the quality of the product, but the rate at which it’s developed.

How PPAP Works

PPPA is a many step process. While there are different variations of it, and therefore, the specific steps can change, it generally goes as follows:

  • Design Records
  • Authorized Engineering Change Documents
  • Engineering Approval
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Control Plan
  • Measurement System Analysis Studies
  • Dimensional Results
  • Records of Material / Performance Tests
  • Initial Sample Inspection Report
  • Initial Process Studies
  • Qualified Laboratory Documentation
  • Appearance Approval Resport
  • Sample Production Parts
  • Master Sample
  • Checking Aids
  • Customer-Specific Requirements
  • Part Submission Warrant

This takes the project all the way from initial design and scheduling to final testing and sign off.


A few weeks back, we discussed APQP or Advanced product quality planning, a quality assurance process we utilize at Ever-Roll. PPAP is actually just one of the pieces in the overall APQP process. While it can sound like a lot of red-tape and busy work, it’s these processes that enable us to guarantee a quality product that’s produced on time for an affordable price.

Whether we’re creating tubes, burner rings, or wire rings, our customers know an Ever-Roll product exceeds their requirements.

If you’re in need of fabrication services, contact us today.

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