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Robotic Welding is Great for Human Welders


For a 100 years or more, people have speculated about the idea of machines taking roles that once belonged to people. The word “robot” was first used in a Czech play called R.U.R. or “Rossum’s Universal Robots”. In the play, robots were synthetic beings created to perform manual labor. 

It makes a lot of sense considering the word robot comes from the Czech robota, which means servitude.  

Now, a century later, we are seeing fiction become a reality. Robots are filling many positions once (and still) held by humans. In some cases, this is causing a lot of worry, as people are seeing their jobs disappear. 

However, this is not a new situation. Advancing technology and equipment has almost always coincided with the obsoletion of certain job titles. Elevators used to need a manual operator. Bowling pins were setup by hand after each throw. 

And of course, telephones required operators to direct calls. 

That’s not to say a day may come where machines and AI are so capable, they significantly decrease the number of available jobs across all industries. But we are not living in that time at the moment. Trade jobs like welding and fabricating are actually experiencing a shortage of workers currently. 

At Ever-Roll, we use robotics, software, and advanced machinery not to replace welders, but to enhance what they can do. 

Why Robotics are Great for Welders 

In welding and fabrication, robots work great for high-volume automation. Rather than having a welder do the exact same weld or bend over and over again (a monotonous and time-consuming process), machines can accomplish these jobs with accuracy and greater efficiency. 

It’s not completely automated. Professional humans still need to set-up the specifics of the job and make any necessary adjustments along the way. 

Robotics also make it safer for our welders, keeping them away from high-heat sources and fast-moving parts as much as possible. 

A Robotic Welding Machine is Only as Good as the Person Behind It 

You can’t simply set a piece of metal in-front of a machine and tell it to start welding. Every job needs to be planned, programmed, tested, and reviewed to create a quality end-product. That means robotic welding doesn’t matter if it’s not being handled by top-level fabricators. 

At Ever-Roll, we’re proud to say we employ some of the best welders and tube-benders around. Whether you’re looking for manual or robotic welding in Ohio, we have the team and equipment to get the job done right. 

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