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Steel Rings and Air Springs – Providing Better, Safer Driving



Vehicles are designed to be parallel with the road. It keeps passengers safer while providing a smoother ride. That’s why shocks, springs, and suspensions are so important. But for larger vehicles, especially those carrying heavy loads, traditional springs aren’t enough.

That’s where air springs come in.

While air springs are largely comprised of plastic, rubber, and well, air, steel still plays an important role.

At Ever-Roll, we create high-caliber steel rings for air spring and suspension systems. Following the strictest standards, our welded rings are the perfect complement to a high-quality air spring system. They will stand the test of time and endure the most strenuous conditions.

Why We Love Air Springs

Air springs (also called air suspension) offer some serious advantages conventional springs. They prevent vehicle sagging when you have the back loaded up. Not only does that reduce the chances of bottoming out, but it keeps your headlights at the proper viewing angle.

For those hauling trailers, air springs reduce trailer sway, giving the driver better control.

Ultimately, with air springs, you experience a superior drive. That’s why they’re not only common in buses, trucks, and semis, but they’re also found in most luxury and high-end vehicles.

How They Work

Air springs are comprised of rubber bellows that are typically connected to various sensors and electrical systems and an on board air compressor.  In addition to absorbing shock, the bellows adjust to the weight of the car and the angle of the road, providing near-instant adaption to driving conditions.

Air suspension systems often operate on a combination of manual and automatic control. While the automatic controls provide a smoother ride, manual controls are present to adjust to specific situations such as bus unloading passengers or a truck hitching up.

Complete Your Air Springs with Ever-Roll

Even the best air springs are useless without quality steel rings to hold them in place. If you’re in need of rings for suspension (or really, anything else), the team at Ever-Roll is here for you.

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