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The Shape of Tubing – Cylindrical or Square?



When people think of tubing, they think of a cylinder, and for good reason. “Cylinder shape” is actually used in the definition of a tube. That said, square tubing is something that exists on the market.  What exactly is the difference between cylindrical and square tubing? 

The shape, obviously. 

Let’s take a closer look at how that affects things. 

Advantages of Circular Tubing 

Cylindrical/circular/round tubing is the most popular form of tubing you’ll see, especially when liquid is flowing through the middle. Due to their shape, cylindrical tubing requires less material while offering the same amount of space on the inside. This makes the tubing lighter and cheaper. 

Since they have less surface area, friction is also reduced, increasing flow and efficiency. Circular tubes are easier to bend, thread, seal, and insulate, making them ideal for a variety of applications. 

Lastly, cylinders are a stronger overall shape than squares. Without corners, they don’t have weak points, giving them consistent strength all around. 

Square Tubing 

With all the advantages of circular tubing, you may wonder why square tubing is used at all. The truth is, there are times when a square shape works better. The flat surfaces allow it to get closer to the objects around it, reducing wasted exterior space and increasing stability. 

The flat surface also makes it easier to apply screws and bolts. Though a cylinder is a stronger shape, square tubing is more resistant to bending over distance. 

Finally, square tubes are easier to cut and joint together. 

Superior Bending 

As you can see, shape and consistency play a large role in how a tube performs. Poorly fabricated tubing decreases efficiency and increases the changes of breakage. At Ever-Roll, we put care and focus into everyone of our tubes. We utilize the latest technology and best practices to achieve better bends. 

Our services are customizable to the needs of your company. Where accuracy is needed, we can perform mandrel bending. When efficiency and low cost are a priority, we utilize CNC bending to increase production time. 

Whatever your tube bending needs are, Ever-Roll has you covered. Contact us today. 

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