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The Strength of Different Shapes


When it comes to proper engineering, every decision serves a purpose, from the materials used to the way they’re pieced together. One aspect of design and engineering often taken for granted by the outside observer is the shape of things. 

It’s easy to think of shape as an aesthetical choice.  They are something we identify with visually. But the function of shapes is much more important than their appearance.  The items we use in our everyday lives are shaped in specific ways not so they look cool, but because that’s the way they function best. 

For example, we create our wire and tubular rings in rounded, circular shapes because that provides the best performance in the areas where they are used. To better understand, let’s take a look at how different shapes measure up in strength. 

The Strength and Function of Shapes 

It’s possible you’ve heard that strongest shape is the triangle. It’s a big part of why the pyramids have lasted for thousands of years. Triangles don’t sway or shift to one side when pressure is applied. They’re inherently rigid, with all the corners absorbing energy, maintain shape. 

From a functional standpoint, however, triangles aren’t always the most practical. They don’t stack well. They provide an uneven distribution of space. And they’re, well, pointy. Because of this, triangles are often hidden in the corners of engineering, where strength is most needed. 

Though triangles may be the strongest in a technical sense, there are distinct advantages other shapes can provide over them. Take cylinders, for example. Pillars have shown great capabilities in withstanding the test of time. 

This is because rounded shapes don’t have points of weakness. Instead, external force is distributed equally across the entire surface. This is also why cylinders are able to bend while maintaining most of their strength. 

That makes them perfect for objects such as wire rings and tubing. As long as the bending is done right, strength is maintained throughout. In the case of tubing, there’s also less resistance inside, allowing for increased efficiency and performance. 

If you’re in need of quality wire rings or tube bending that will hold up in the toughest circumstances, contact Ever-Roll today! 

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