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The Tube Bending Process – How it Works and What it’s For



We like to think of tube bending as an art form. It requires a delicate balance of strength and precision. To deliver quality results with greater precision, we often utilize a computer numerically controlled (or CNC) tube bending machine.

While CNC isn’t always needed, it does give us great flexibility when it comes to bending tubes. No pun intended.

The Art of Tube Bending

Tube bending can take place in a 2D space or a 3D space. The most common bends you’ll see are elbow bends, which range from 2-90 degrees, and U-bends, which are pretty self-explanatory.

To bend metal tubes, we use a rotary draw process. For more complex shapes and patterns, we utilize the CNC to ensure accuracy. For some bends, a mandrel is inserted inside of the tube to help it maintain shape and it’s bent.

Sometimes, a mandrel isn’t needed, and we preform what’s known as empty bending. The tube still maintains it’s circular shape, though up to 15% flattening is allowed. This is a great economical solution for many cases.

Ultimately, we use the method and the tools that result in the best tubing at an economical cost.

Tube Bending for Exercise Equipment

While tube bending has many applications, one of the most popular uses is exercise equipment. Many pieces of gym equipment use bent tubes, from treadmills to cycles to strength equipment and more.

Because exercise equipment endures constant stress, quality tubing is a must. Poor tube bending won’t just result in a bad product, but could end up injuring someone down the road.

At Ever-Roll, we make sure our tube bending is done to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Whether it’s tubes for exercise machines, vehicles, or one of the many other industries we serve, it’s built (and bent) to last.

If you’re in need of tube fabrication, we’re here for you. Of course, we also specialize in burner rings and wire rings. Either away, contact us today!

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