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Three Causes for Loss in Production (and How to Fix Them)



Every business looks for ways to improve efficiency and be more productive. When your company’s job is to manufacture products, however, efficiency and accuracy are the lifeblood of your business. Losses in production come directly out of profit margins.

To stay competitive, you need to keep your factories and warehouses working and turning inventory.

As manufacturers ourselves, we’ve seen a lot of ways production is held back. Here are three of the most common causes we’ve seen for loss of production and how you can improve them.


If your machines are out of service, then you’re losing out on production. The bad news is, maintenance, repairs, and even replacement is unavoidable. The good news is, with proper PM Scheduled inspections and care, downtime can be significantly minimized or scheduled when it best suits production.

Additionally, with regular inspections, you can have a better idea of when repair and replacement will be needed, allowing you to plan ahead and stay as productive as possible.

Human Error

People make mistakes. We’re only human, after all. When it comes to the business world, however, those mistakes come at a high cost. US and UK companies lose nearly $40 billion every year because of human error.

The ways human error is committed are near endless. It can be as simple as entering a “1” instead of a “2” in some software. While you may never fully eliminate human error, you can reduce it.

It starts with proper employee training and clear work instruction. If you’re employees don’t fully know the right way to do their jobs, they’re going to make mistakes. It’s as simple as that. Employee moral also factors in. Make sure your employees needs are being taken care, that they’re getting proper breaks, and that they have a way to express questions and concerns.

Defective Parts

Bad batches of products result in a serious loss of production time that can cost you big. If your products are coming out with errors and safety hazards, you’ll have to make them all over again, costing you double.

There are different areas that can be the cause of bad products, including human error and broken machinery. However, the main culprit is bad parts. One bad piece in your product can ruin the entire shipment and be cause for expediting.

When you’re using vendors to create the parts that will be used in your own products, you need to know that they’re quality. We look to ISO-9001:2015 registered suppliers to insure a quality system that should be disciplined and responsible. This will help significantly in the fight against production loss.

At Ever-Roll, we craft high quality wire rings, tube bends, and more, all of which are tested and inspected to meet the highest standards. We use the latest technology like robotic welding to increase accuracy and efficiency, allowing us to offer a better product for less.

If you’re looking to improve your production results, use Ever-Roll products.

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