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Welded or Non-Welded? Open Loop or Closed Loop? What Kind of Wire Rings Do You Need?


At Ever-Roll, we create wire rings for a wide variety of situations and applications. Choosing the right rings for your needs is an important part of the purchasing process. When it comes to fabricated metal rings, there’s a lot of conflicting terminology thrown around that can get a little confusing. 

To help make the purchasing process simpler, we thought we’d breakdown some of the names you’ll see so you know what they actually mean and what you need. 

For commercial wire rings, there are essentially two categories: non-welded wire rings (also known as open loop rings) and welded wire rings (also known as closed loop rings). 

Non-Welded (Open Loop) Wire Rings 

A wire ring is made by taking a rounded metal rod or tube (typically steel or aluminum) and bending it into a perfect circle. If the two end points of the ring are left as is, you have an open loop, non-welded ring. Non-welded rings can be twisted open and linked with other wire rings. 

Often, open loop rings are welded closed later on in the assembly process. They’re also used as inserts in automotive applications, wind-mill bearings, and more. 

Welded (Close Loop) Wire Rings 

As you’ve probably already guessed, welded wire rings have their ends welded together, creating a seamless closed loop. We do this by heating up each end of the ring with an electrical current. This turns the metal into a plastic-like state, allowing them to be pushed together. 

The welding technique is called butt-welding, upset welding, or resistance welding. Whatever name is used, the technique and end-result are the same. 

Once a wire ring is welded together, it cannot be undone. That’s why it’s very important to know whether you need welded or non-welded wire rings beforehand. Welded wire rings have many applications, from farm machinery to nautical equipment and more. 

Welded or Non-Welded, Ever-Roll Has You Covered 

At Ever-Roll, we offer wire rings to meet just about any application need. Contact us today to get a quote or just to ask a few questions. We’ll make sure you get the right type of rings for your situation. 

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