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What Our Steel Rings are Used for and Why They’re Great


At Ever-Roll, we produce a wide range of quality products depending on the needs of our clients. This includes wire rings, burner rings, metal tubes, tubular rings, and more. One of our most popular products is steel rings.

These come in a range of sizes, typically ranging from 10-40” in diameter and 2”-12” in thickness.

Our steel rings are often used for reinforcing large grinding wheels. Steel mills use them to dress billets of steel or make round shafts in centerless grinders. Any grinding wheel (or abrasive wheel) is prone to breakage. Not only does a broken wheel hinder production, but it poses a serious safety hazard.

These abrasive wheels move very rapidly. When a piece breaks, projectiles can be dangerous to those operating in the area. With the large amounts of pressure, friction, and heat abrasive wheels endure, keeping them together isn’t easy. In order to reduce breakage and increase performance, steel rings are placed inside, close to the bore.

Not only does it strengthen the wheel, but when breakage occurs, it holds the fragments together.

Of course, steel rings aren’t only used for grinders.  Paper mills use them to dress calendar rolls. Cast-iron rolls are used at the end of a paper machine, increasing smoothness of paper and providing a proper finish. These rolls move at rapid speeds using varying degrees of pressure.

Our steel rings help dress these calendar rolls, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency.

Stressful Conditions Require Superior Products

Metal is tough, but it’s not unbreakable. Especially when heat, pressure, and friction are put together. To get the performance needed while maintaining high safety standards, you need products that are made at the highest quality.

At Ever-Roll, we strive to create the best welds and fabrications around. Our products are rigorously tested and thoroughly inspected so that our clients get products to meet their performance needs.

From steel ring to tube bending production, Ever-Roll is here for you. Contact us today.

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