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What’s the Difference Between Upset Welded Rings and Butt Welded Rings



At Ever-Roll, we use butt-welding to form high quality wire rings, tubes, and more.  The trouble is, there’s a lot of names used for the technique of butt-welding, resulting in our clientele not always knowing how to find our services or being unsure of what exactly they need.

Upset welding is probably the most common term used next to butt welding.

What’s the difference?  Is there any difference at all?  Allow us to eliminate the confusion.

Butt-Welded Rings and Upset Welded Rings are the Same

These rings may sound like they’re fashioned with different techniques, but upset welding is the same process as butt-welding.  Those aren’t the only names used for the technique and end product either.

Customers and industry professionals who use our butt-welding rings may also call them:

    • – Wire Rings
    • – Welded Wire Rings
    • – Resistance Welded Rings
    • – Welded Hoops
    • – Steel Hoops
    • – Steel Rings
    • – And more.

Though the names change, the technique stays the same.

What is Butt-Welding

Butt-welding is a technique where two metal ends are connected with no overlap, forming a near seamless merger.  To do so, the two ends are heated by passing an electric current through the weld interface. The interface causes heating due to resistance to the current. Heating continues until the metal reaches a plastic-like state.  The ends (or butts) are then pressed together, where they form a knot or upset.

You can probably start to see where all of the different names come from.

Anyway, the knot is then ground down to a smooth finish.  This technique is great for creating closed-loop steel rings.  Welded rings are commonly used for connectors, safety rings, steering wheels, air-springs, and nautical applications, such as being used to connect ships to each other or a dock.

It’s Not About the Name.  It’s the Quality that Matters.

Whether you call them steel hoops, resistance welded rings, or something else entirely, if you’re looking for closed-loop steel rings, you need quality.  At Ever-Roll, we produce welded (and non-welded) rings of the highest quality.

Contact us today, whether you need to make a purchase or just have a few questions.

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