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Why is Steel Great for Manufacturing?



Like almost every fabricator out there, Ever-Roll’s go-to metal is steel. It’s what we use to manufacture our wire rings, burner rings, bent tubes, and more. We use steel because it’s the best metal there is for the products we make.

Why is that? Well, there are a number of reasons. Today we’d like to talk about just what makes steel great for manufacturing.


There’s a reason why Superman is called “The Man of Steel”. Steel is strong. It’s resistant to bending, heat, and pressure. It’s durable, able to take a beating and last a long time. It also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any economical structural material. It is the value leader for structural strength.

That also means…

Less is More

To outsiders, steel is seen as heavy and bulky. While it is very dense compared to metals such as aluminum, its strength per dollar of cost more than balances this out. Because steel is so strong and dense, it doesn’t need to be as thick. That means not as much material volume is used, which not only saves on size.

Aluminum, titanium, and other materials offer high strength to weight ratios but cost of material and fabrication are much higher which limits their application to weight sensitive applications that justify the high costs like aircraft and military and interestingly, beverage cans.


Thanks to its availability and relative ease of creation, steel is an affordable choice which keeps material costs lower.


Because it lasts so long, steel is easy on the environment. When it does reach the end, it is scrapped, recycled and used all over again. Even the waste that’s created during steel creation (called slag) is repurposed, often being used in cement mixtures.

Put Steel to Work for You

At Ever-Roll, our steel fabrications are used for endless applications. Whether its steel wire rings or mandrel-bent tubing, they can handle the pressure of the job. Contact us today for your fabrication needs and see just what steel can do for you.

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