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Will Welders and Fabricators Be Replaced by Machines?



When new technology is introduced, change is always quick to follow. In some cases, new industries and jobs arise.

Other times, they change dramatically or even disappear altogether.

There are many jobs that no longer exist because they were replaced by technology. Elevators used to need operators to run them. Milk used to be delivered daily. Bowling pins used to be manually reset after each frame.

But today, we’re facing a threat of job replacement like the world has never seen. The rise of machines, artificial intelligence, and automation are poised to replace entire workforces. As much as 6% of the US’s workforce could disappear in the next 3-4 years.

We could see many common day jobs begin to disappear, including accountants, underwriters, bank tellers, drivers, and more.

One industry that is consistently affected by rising technology is manufacturing. After all, tools and technology are at the core of the industry. This advancement of computers and machinery has largely been positive for manufacturers, allowing us to create better products faster and under safer conditions.

But could we soon see our own workforce replaced as machines become more independent?

Robots and machines certainly provide some distinct advantages.

The Advantage of Robots

Robots and AI controlled machines may breakdown from time to time, but they don’t get sick, they don’t get tired, and they don’t need to be paid. In the right role with the right programming, they also make fewer mistakes than a person while operating at a greater speed.

Because of all of this, machines have proven to be great at repetitive tasks where factors are known, the environment is controlled, and they act accordingly.

But what happens when more technique, finesse, and creativity is needed? Can machines truly “create”?

Welding and Tube Bending is Nuanced, and Even Artistic

Welding is less repetitive and straightforward than many realize. Each weld is unique, taking specific care and attention to ensure that its’s done seamlessly.

Tube bending is arguably even more hands-on. Each bend needs to be monitored and controlled, adjusting in real time to make sure no quality is compromised.

Even in the case where we use computer guided technology, the process is manually overseen, updated, and adjusted as you go. Tube bending and welding truly is an art, requiring care, imagination, and heart.

At least, when it’s done the right way.

Simply put, machines have a ways to go before they can match the quality and finesse needed to create expert welds and bends. We’re not saying it will never happen, but right now, a machine simply can’t compete with an experienced fabricator.

Not by itself, anyway.

For welding, wire bending, and tube fabrication done by skilled, human hands, contact Ever-Roll today. We utilize quality materials and the best technology, guided by a human touch.

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