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APQP Standards – What They Are and Why We Follow Them



To produce the best product, you must exceed the highest industry standards. At Ever-Roll, there are many regulations, practices, and rules we follow to ensure we provide superior service. 

One of the systems we use that is vital in crafting excellent products is Advanced Product Quality Planning, or APQP.  

Today, we’d like to talk about just why APQP is so important to our work. But before we get to that, let’s get everyone on the same page of what APQP actually is. 

What is APQP? 

APQP is a framework of procedures and techniques used for product development. It is especially prevalent in the automotive industry, being used by GM, Ford, Chrysler, and virtually every major car brand, OEM manufacturer, etc.  

This system was developed a collective of US automotive industry experts in the 1980s. They formed the Supplier Quality Requirement Task Force to develop a common understanding of topics and standards in the industry. 

This became the Advanced Product Quality Planning system. 

How Does APQP Work? 

APQP pushes manufacturers to think critically and plan before they even begin creating their product. Over the course of planning and manufacturing, certain steps are followed to keep the process in check.  

APQP happens through four phases: 

  • Plan and Define Program 
  • Product Design and Development Verification 
  • Product & Process Validation 
  • Product & Process Validation 

Over the course of these steps, the product, goals of the product, and methods of measuring their quality are planned. Specs are written, prototypes are built and refined, manufacturing processes are developed, and more. Finally, the end product is created, released, and reviewed. 

And when it’s all done, everything is measured and refined as the process begins again. 

What Does APQP Do for Us? 

Ultimately, APQP allows us to create the product our customers want for a price they can afford. Since APQP involves planning and refining the systems used to create the actual product, our work is more efficient and our products are consistently quality. 

See the APQP difference for yourself. For your wire ring and tube bending needs, contact us today. 

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