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Burner Rings in Direct Fired and In-Direct Fired Heaters



Let’s talk about application. At Ever-Roll, we make high quality burner rings that are able function in the most extreme of conditions. Burner rings are, of course, designed to work in heating equipment, but they’re also used for industrial drying machines, chemical processing, and more.

In the latter examples, heat is generated from a burner and applied to a product. There are two ways of applying this heat: direct fired and indirect fired. The beginning of the process is the same. Both use burners and burner rings to generate heat.

Let’s take a look at what happens from there.

Direct Fired

As you might gather from the name, a direct fired heater applies the heat directly to the area where end-product is. You could think of it almost like putting a pizza directly on an oven rack. The food is right there with the heat, sharing the same space.

Direct fired heaters tend to be less expensive and more efficient, making them a go-to tool for ceramics, laminate curing, printing, cement production, and more.

Sometimes, however, the by-products of heat combustion need to be kept away from the product. That brings us to the next method.

In-Direct Fired

In-Direct Fired heaters add a piece of separation equipment called a heat exchanger. In this case, the heat exchanger keeps the air of the burner away from the product while radiating the heat. As you might imagine, some heat is lost in this exchange, reducing efficiency.

Because of the lost efficiency and additional parts, in-direct fired heaters typically cost more. However, they are necessary for products that can’t mix with the by-products of the burner. This includes dairy and grain drying, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Direct or In-Direct, We’re Here for You

If you’re in need of burner rings, we’ve got you covered. At Ever-Roll, we provide the highest quality products and timely delivery. In addition to burner rings, we also manufacture wire rings, tubular rings, and tubes produced through mandrel bending.

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