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Creating the Strongest Welds



At Ever-Roll, we’re “bent on perfection”, as we like to say. This carries across our entire business, from customer service to the very product we produce. We’ve been fine-tuning our welding technique for 70 years, and we’ve learned a lot in that time.

Here is how we’re able to achieve superior welds.

The Latest Tech and Methods

At Ever-Roll, we utilize upset welding to join metal. This is done using advanced equipment and hands on control to ensure a near seamless, powerful weld. Computer systems monitor the actual weld, creating an oscillography that analyzes weld integrity.

We continuously follow and implement advancements in the industry to make sure we’re performing at peak levels.

A Safe, Professional Environment

Even with the best equipment, a weld is only as good as the team overseeing it. We employ some of the most skilled and experienced welders in the country. Our team is passionate about creating flawless welds.

In addition to being training in the latest methods, we ensure our working conditions meet the strictest safety standards. We believe that in order to create the strongest welds, you need the strongest team, and that’s what we’ve assembled at Ever-Roll.

Stress Tested. Quality Assured.

It’s not enough to say you deliver a good product. You have to prove it. At Ever-Roll, we perform destructive testing of our welds to ensure strength and weld quality. Are welds are put through the most rigorous of conditions and inspected in a metallurgic lab.

Only once we’re certain our product exceeds industry regulations are we ready polish it up and deliver it to our customers.

Whether it’s wire rings, rods, tube bending, or a custom project, our Ohio-based welding team is ready to get to work. Give us a call at 419-337-0247 or visit our contact page today! If you’re looking for the strongest welds, you’ll find them here at Ever-Roll.


bent on perfection.

bent on perfection.

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