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ISO 9001 and The History of ISO Standardization



ISO certification helps hold modern businesses accountable, while maintaining industry standards for increased compatibility, reliability, sustainability, safety, and more. You should expect any reputable service or manufacturing company to be ISO certified. 

But have you ever wondered how so many businesses from different industries across the world came under the same sets of rules and regulations? Well, wonder no more. 

Today, we’re going to look into the history of ISO standardization, as well as ISO 9001 specifically. 

A Brief History of ISO 

On September 2, 1945, WW2 ended. From the chaos of the six-year conflict, global reformation took place on a scale the world had never seen before. Many global organizations such as NATO and the UN came as a result of the post-WW2 climate. 

The International Organization of Standardization (or ISO) was formed in 1947 through the joint coordination of 26 countries. It was actually created in place of the International Federation of the National Standardizing Association (ISA). ISA was originally founded in 1926. However, once WW2 broke out, ISA was put on an indefinite hiatus. 

ISO was created to serve the same function, though the scope and scale was significantly greater than its predecessor. Today, ISO is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, operating in 164 countries. There are over 21,000 ISO standards available, with 9001 and 14001 being the most common. 

Fun fact, ISO standards are so prevalent, that “ISO” itself has been used to name a number of things in the real world. For example, CD images (digital copies of CDs) are called ISOs. Also, on cameras, the film speed is measured by an ISO number. 

The Importance of ISO 9001 

With over a million organizations certified, ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used management tools in the world today. In fact, it’s what we operate under here at Ever-Roll.  

The ISO 9000 series was published in 1987 to regulate products and services. Quality management system. The most recent version is ISO 9001:2015, which places an emphasis on performance. 

ISO 9001:2015 has 10 sections: 

  • Section 1: Scope 
  • Section 2: Normative references 
  • Section 3: Terms and definitions 
  • Section 4: Context of the organization 
  • Section 5: Leadership 
  • Section 6: Planning 
  • Section 7: Support 
  • Section 8: Operation 
  • Section 9: Performance evaluation 
  • Section 10: Continual Improvement 

For more on ISO 9001:2015, make sure to read this post here. Ultimately, this system ensures we follow the standards and specs our customers expect, while improving efficiency and safety in our operations. 

In other words, it’s what helps us create the strongest welds available. For wire rings and tube bending in Ohio, contact Ever-Roll today!  

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