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Rolling Out a New and Updated Website


At Ever-Roll Specialties Co., we know how to keep pace with the changing technological landscape. It’s how we have happily helped our customers and stayed in business for more than 70 years running.

As a leading manufacturer of tube, rod and wire parts and fabrications, we look forward to bringing that same great service and quality to our customers for many more years to come.

Same Quality Standards, Brand New Look

While our level of quality and service has remained unchanged after all these years, we are ISO 9001 Registered, we did eventually decide that it was time to give our website a brand new look.

Now we gladly unveil the new website design for all of you to see.

As you can tell, we’ve got a brand new interface that makes it easier for you to find information on all our products and services. Whether you need welded wire rings, welded tubular rings, gas burner rings or tube and wire bending, forming and fabrication, you can easily find what you are looking for by visiting one of our products pages.

Welded Wire Rings and Arcs

If you are looking for welded wire rings, non-welded wire rings or arc sections, head on over to our welded wire rings and arcs page. There, you can see the dimensions of the rings we make, their applications and materials that we use.

Welded Tubular Rings

If wire rings aren’t what you need, you can visit our welded tubular rings page to see sizing for our tubular rings as well as our welding process.

Bending, Forming, and Fabrication

Among the many services that we provide are tube and wire bending, forming and fabrication, all of which can be seen on their respective pages. Our team has the tools and capability to fulfil your order with precision.

Even if you need heat treating, plating, painting, plasticizing, powder coating, or e-coating, Ever-Roll can fulfil all of your finishing requirements through one of its qualified subcontractors.

Gas Burner Rings

We even make burner rings for crop dryers, nut dryers, large gas heaters and more. You can see some of our rings on the gas burner rings page.

A Great Company with Great Employees

Our employees are highly trained, dedicated and love what they do. With our employee stock ownership plan, each and every employee also shares in the ownership of the company. No matter what your needs are, Ever-Roll Specialties Co. will gladly fill your order today.

Contact us to place an order or just to let us know what you think of the new website.

bent on perfection.

bent on perfection.

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